Bruce Rothschild, DDS
"Sixty-seven pounds ago (January 2010), I decided that it was time to break the habit of yo-yo dieting. Many of my friends were put on 'restricted' diets and medications to deal with the negative effects of the 'American' diet. I decided to be proactive and achieve health without restrictions and pills! Some research led me to the most obvious of conclusions: eat REAL food and keep moving. Danielle's conclusions are the same. I simply eliminated processed, chemically-altered things that the US 'food' (I use that term loosely) industry promotes as 'healthy.' I am feeding my body the high-density nutrition rich foods that it needs to run on and got up off my butt. The excess weight from my unhealthy eating fell off by August 2010 and I have maintained since then. I'm never hungry, I feel great and I have a lifestyle, not a chemical dependency. Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your direction and success. There are no gimmicks, diets, fads or tricks to becoming and staying healthy. It just takes a commitment!"

Bobby Dorrian, Kid Brother
"As my sister, I've always looked up to Danielle in every way. More specifically, she has inspired me to have confidence in myself and make the right choices in regard to both diet and exercise. Her influence within my family has proven to aid us in formulating an ideal and healthy lifestyle. The process did not come without its occasional hardships, but one must learn to cope and remain resilient with his diet plan if he wishes to improve his self-image. As I continue to stick to my sister's suggested plan, I feel myself becoming more energetic, lively and happy. I hope that anyone who becomes involved with one of Danielle's diet plans can feel the same way that I do, if not better."